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Get Listed on GotTheta.comAre you ready to Get Listed on to get more clients? Are you a Practitioner, Instructor, Master or Certificate of Science Master that wishes to be featured on

We would love for you to join us. As a practitioner, you’ll get the full “turn-key” Sprinkle Joy system. We handle everything for you from start to finish. You supply us with your info… session rate, specialties, languages spoken, bio, favorite quote, etc. We build your profile which is quite extensive in behind the scenes.

When a website visitor resonates with you, they simply click the purchase button, pay for the session or series of sessions, then are directed to your online calendar, where you have already entered in the times and days you wish to be available. You have complete control over everything… you can change your hours and pricing as often as you wish.

When a session purchase is made, you will be notified of it and as well receive an email, text message or both notifying you of when they book their session time. You’ll receive all their contact information. The calendar is intregrated with Microsoft Office and other calendar programs so you can just double check the attachment in the email and it will be added to your calendar with a reminder. At the designated time you will call or skype the client.

Once the session is over, the client will be prompted for a review. You’ll begin collecting testimonials. makes it easy as 1-2-3! Below are downloadable forms so you understand what is involved with being featured on Pricing is as follows:

  • $17 per month goes directly into collaborated advertising
  • $125 (regularly $175) set up fee
  • 74% YOU; 26% split on all sessions you get from

Would love for you to join us. Read the documents below for more details and when you’re ready, sign up. There are no long term contracts and when you terminate, you are able to take your clients with you. Does it get any better than this?

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Regularly $175 Set Up