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Welcome! Founder, Vianna Stibal teaches us the “Roadmap to the 7th Plane”. Dawn Maree, a Certificate of Science, Master Instructor in the ThetaHealing expands on Vianna’s roadmap in these very special guided meditations below.

Enjoy these free meditations narrated by Dawn Maree. ThetaHealing is a non-evasive, painless, holistic healing technique that addresses hidden, subconscious blocks holding us back from the health, wealth, love, joy, peace, worthiness, career, relationships and more we deserve. We invite you to feel free to share these videos on your social media pages and even embed in your website.

ThetaHealing works on all DIS-EASE in one’s life. From allergies to chronic illnesses, emotional, spiritual and physical ailments, ThetaHealing is one of the most powerful and fastest growing alternative healing methods on the planet. It is a distance healing modality, which means clients can receive profound and instant results from sessions conducted online or by phone from the comfort of their own home, no matter where they live in the world. They simply need an internet connection and the free software, Skype.

Most of the ThetaHealing practitioners featured on Sprinkle Joy offer a FREE Consultation for those NEW to ThetaHealing, so be sure to share this website with those that would be interested. Sprinkle Joy also offers FREE meditations.