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Jennifer K

ThetaHealing® Master

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Jennifer's Bio

  Jennifer K. has always had a strong intuition and was fully aware at a young age that she was placed on this planet to help people. Growing up on the East coast she graduated college with a BA in Elementary Education, and completed her Masters degree in School Guidance Counseling. Jennifer has been a part of the school setting helping children for almost 20 years. However, in 2008 that intuition found its true purpose through Healing. Healing came into her life when she couldn't find a doctor who could help her with some physical ailments, and a friend suggested she see a Healing. After a couple of sessions, her ailments were gone. She continued with her sessions to clear up many blocks, and her world opened up. She took the Basic class within the year and her husband stated "I have never seen her so passionate about anything, as I do with Healing." Jennifer was hooked, and over the course of the next five years, taking instructor classes from Vianna each summer, she is now a Certified Healing Master. Jennifer believes her soul's purpose is to facilitate and mentor people of all ages, on how to use their own intuitive gifts. Through these sessions, people will gain insight and enlightenment and can awaken to fulfill their own purposes.
Title Description
Location: USA, Nevada, Las Vegas, North America
Time Zone GMT -8, Americas: PT
Languages: English
Specialty: Emotional Dis-Ease, Fears-Phobias, Infertility, Life Purpose, Moving Forward, Embracing Change, Paranormal, Personal Development, Prosperity, Relationships, Self Esteem, Spiritual Growth, Trauma
Healing Designation: Access Consciousness® Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Seraphim Blueprint Level VI Practitioner, ThetaHealing® Practitioner, ThetaHealing® Instructor, ThetaHealing® Master
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    • Hourly: $110 USD

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    All session purchases are non-refundable, transferable and expire 1 year from purchase

    All session purchases are non-refundable, transferable and expire 1 year from purchase

    All session purchases are non-refundable, transferable and expire 1 year from purchase

    All session purchases are non-refundable, transferable and expire 1 year from purchase

    All session purchases are non-refundable, transferable and expire 1 year from purchase

    Host Opportunities

    Jennifer may be available to come to your area or country to teach or co-teach (with another certified ThetaHealing instructor) any or all of the 7 authorized ThetaHealing courses listed below created by founder, Vianna Stibal:
    1. ThetaHealing Basic
    2. ThetaHealing Advanced
    3. ThetaHealing RHYTHM to Finding Your Perfect Weight
    4. ThetaHealing Soul Mate
    5. ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance
    6. ThetaHealing Rainbow
    7. ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy

    Latest Blog Post

    The founder of, Vianna Stibal was recently on the television show called, "Moving America Forward". She was awarded a special recognition award. Watch the interview by clicking here.
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    More About Jennifer

    I love working with families! Children benefit from ThetaHealing just as much or more than adults. Children incorporate the energy release very quickly. I have worked on children invitro through their teens, very helpful for physical issues as well as anxiety, puberty, and so much more!

    My Favorite Healing Moment

    My favorite ThetaHealing moment was when a friend of mine called me from the hospital to work on her husband who had just split his head open and the doctors were worried about the bleeding in the brain. The next day he was moved out of ICU nad released after another day of observation. Upon his check up one month later, the doctor told him that if she hadn't known he had split his head open, she would not have been able to tell from the MRI.