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Kimberlee S

ThetaHealing® Practitioner

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Kimberlee's Bio

  line-spacer Kimberlee is a highly gifted and caring spiritual intuitive. She is deeply honored to work with each and every client that comes her way. With her naturally down to earth and compassionate  nature, she creates a loving and safe space for her clients during each session. She will ask you what area of life you are seeking transformation and then connect with the divine, for guidance and direction.   Kimberlee considers herself to be a bit of a "heart specialist," as she frequently attracts clients in need of heart clearing/trauma healing work.  And while she feels it is beneficial to clear ANY non-serving beliefs and negative emotions, releasing such energies from the heart chakra in particular, can have an especially profound and transformational effect on a person's life. Says Kimberlee, "The heart is such a vital part of  who we are. Healing it expands our ability to give and receive love, experience joy, and pursue the life of our dreams."   Kimberlee would love to assist you on your journey of healing and coming back "home" to your beautiful self.  She encourages you to trust yourself, take a leap and follow your intuition to work with the healer that most resonates with YOUR heart.  Kimberlee believes you will find a good fit here at Sprinkle Joy with either Kimberlee herself, or any one of the other incredibly amazing and talented healers.     Save Save Save Save Save Save
Title Description
Location: USA, California, Los Angeles, North America
Time Zone GMT -8, Americas: PT
Languages: English
Specialty: Abundance Blocks, Abuse, Addiction (any kind), Adolescent Issue, Alcoholism, Allergies, Ancestor Healing, Animal Communication, Anti-Aging, Bullying, Career, Chronic Conditions, Eating Disorders, Emotional Dis-Ease, End of Life Issues, End of Life Issues-Pets, Fears-Phobias, Female Issues, Genetic Disorders, Ghost Buster, Grieving, Death, Divorce, Heartbreak, Identity Issues, Infertility, Life Purpose, Male Issues, Mediumship, Mental Disorders, Moving Forward, Embracing Change, Personal Development, Physical Pain, Prosperity, Physical Alignments, PTSD, Relationships, Religion, Reproductive Issues, Self Esteem, Spiritual Growth, Stress-Anxiety, Sexual Preference, Trauma, Veterans, Wayward Clearing-Entity Removal, Weight Issues
Healing Designation: ThetaHealing® Practitioner
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    All session purchases are non-refundable, transferable and expire 1 year from purchase

    All session purchases are non-refundable, transferable and expire 1 year from purchase

    All session purchases are non-refundable, transferable and expire 1 year from purchase

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    The founder of, Vianna Stibal was recently on the television show called, "Moving America Forward". She was awarded a special recognition award. Watch the interview by clicking here.
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    More About Kimberlee

    line-spacerKimberlee is currently being guided to write/channel a book entitled, "Spiritual Peace In Seemingly Uncertain Times."  Here is an excerpt from this work in progress. line-spacer ……The opportunities that await us are boundlessly joyful and limitless….truth be told, god's vision of us is so grand, were we able to have that same vision of ourselves, we could be bound by no thing or no person….And our hearts would expand, get so big, so bright, we'd surely live in effortless bliss…. line-spacer   Kimberlee resides in Los Angeles California with her husband, son, and her 2 dogs and 2 cats.  She enjoys working out on her trampoline and running on the beach barefoot at sunset.  In addition to theta healing Kimberlee is a talented medium and steadfast student of life. She feels it is vitally important that she continue to heal and improve herself to be able to be of the highest service to her clients. line-spacer Save Save Save Save Save Save

    My Favorite Healing Moment

        I love them all,  but  I am ESPECIALLY passionate about clearing traumas.  Why?  Well let's look at what a trauma is:  A distortion/misconception about reality packed with non-serving trapped emotion(s) and a usually a huge stack of non-serving beliefs.  In seconds I can energetically take you back in time before the trauma, teach you subconsciously what you would learn from it if you did go through it, and then completely clear it from your life and everything that came with it, right down to the cellular level.  And you retain only the wisdom of the experience.  That's a big bang for your buck and your time! And I love it, because we can accomplish so much in so little time.     I might also add that the word trauma sounds dramatic and many people are surprised to learn they have them.  Traumas come from many places: inherited from our ancestors, other lifetimes and seemingly inconsequential moments from our childhoods (i.e. losing a toy).  Yet, the negative effect of holding onto these trapped emotions and  misconceptions can be consequential and adversely affect us on many levels. line-spacer                       Save Save Save Save Save Save