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Scott K.

FREE Consultation Offer

Experience a Consultation by Phone or Skype for FREE

thetahealer-eligibilityWhat to expect:

  • 20 Minute Consultation
  • A small Sampling of what ThetaHealing is and can do. It's like the tip of the iceberg because there are so many wonderful things we can do.
  • Due to time constraints, all processes are generic. You will feel a profound shift even with the generic processes.
  • Scott K. will muscle test you on 14 common beliefs that most are missing and make sure you get them during the consultation
  • You will receive Tangible Proof and a SHIFT
  • We'll top it off with an Instant Healing at the end
  • Only a limited number of Free Consultations are offered each week.

What to do to get ready for your consultation:

  • Wear comfortable clothing and remove any large pieces of jewelry/metal down the center of your body (large belt buckles, necklaces, etc.) 
  • Drink lots of water and be fully hydrated (sometime people are very dehydrated without knowing it. May take 3-5 glasses of water). Have extra water near you.
  • Watch video on how to do the Standing Muscle Test (required for your consultation). Find it on our Video Page
  • Determine which direction is North in your location.
  • Block out 20 minutes free from distractions for the session
  • Find a quiet, private area where you are alone and away from pets that may want to sit on your lap or lay right next to you
  • Make sure you have room to stand up
  • Use a cell, cordless phone, or one with a long cord if doing consult by phone.
  • If doing consult by Skype, headphones with long cord so you can stand is recommended to cut out background noise.

Eligibility for the one-time, FREE ThetaHealing Consultation offer.

  • Eligible: If you are NEW to ThetaHealing and curious how it works. You are eligible for the FREE consultation offer
  • Ineligible: If you have ever had a ThetaHealing session with any other ThetaHealing practitioner.
  • Ineligible: If you have taken any ThetaHealing classes and are a Certified ThetaHealer. Many of the ThetaHealing practitioners featured on do offer a discounted session rate for ThetaHealers, so if you are a ThetaHealer, go to SEARCH page and find practitioners that offer this discount.
  • More information on the FREE consultation offer and what's involved on the FREE CONSULTATION page

Once you sign up for the free consultation you will receive an email with more information. 

If you live in the USA, session will be conducted by phone. If you live OUTSIDE the USA, session will be conducted by SKYPE.

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